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Black Cherry fairing, left lower items - most with minor cosmetic damage.

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Until recently i had a '06 Black Cherry. Early in '07 a young lady who just got her driver's license had a serious issue seeing my bike and cut me off (just snagged the lower fairing on the left and pulled it out, along with putting a bend in the Clutch lever, about $500 in damage total). After she stopped and we exchanged pleasantries she then proceeded to back into the parked bike and cause an additional $2,500 in damage.


From that I have the following available:

  • Upper fairing with chrome headlight ring - minor scraps on the right side
  • Chrome windshield trim with a very minor blemish
  • Lower left clear wind deflector - very minor scrape
  • lower left fairing - scape where her bumper made contact and color rubbed off on the edge where she originally snagged it
  • Right engine guard -some grinding on the bottom where she pushed the bike back.


I have pictures of all of the above, unfortunately this board was giving me a problem posting more that one photo... so if you have any interest drop me a line and I'll send along the photos. if still interested we can discuss price and shipping.

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