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2nd Gen parts

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Hello everybody

I am clearing up some stuff I have.

These are all for a second gen and I believe according to the tank emblem they are 2005

1st assume all painted stuff needs paint

2nd I will describe in detail the best I can and send pictures if need to interested parties.


I am located in Minnesota.


Here is the list

Rear fender black

Tank black no emblem

Tank red/gold 2 dings on top

Front fender red/gold dent at mounting bolts

Rear fender red/gold wire mounts and gaskets and rear molding still on

Mirrors not sure if they are right or left no stem

set of handle bars Venture


contact me here first, then if interested we can exchange emails and pictures.




aka Steve



The guy in Canada is not ready to buy right now so parts are available.

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Well I didn't get one call or inquiry on my parts.

Put them all back in the overhead in the garage.

Guess I'll put them on fleabay this fall.

Oh well, that is the way it goes.


Going triking for a while to get my head back on straight.


This Covid stuff really sucks!

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On 2/24/2021 at 10:41 AM, Og venture rider said:

Trying to find 2 antenna if you know of any please let me know with price and availability 

thank you in advance


I have both stock antennas from my '06 Venture.

Message me if you're interested. 

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Sorry I haven't been on the forum for a while.

All the stuff I had in the first post I still have and would like to find a nice home for it.

Whole bike too: 2006 Venture Midnight I am guessing 4800 would be a fair price. about 28000 miles on it. I haven't looked in a while.

I will be firing it up this week and doing basic maintenance. So let me know if interested.

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