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No Orlin's Maintaintance Day for 2020

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We have had a good time having the get togethers here at out place, And have seemed to of always had great times rain or shine.

But this year its just not in the cards. I have way to many pans in the fire and have to give up somethings and as much as I hate to this is one of them.

I am sure that we will be putting something together in the future maybe towards fall we will see how it goes.

Sure am going to miss seeing everyone that comes,

Don't be shy about coming to see us, we do like company and it doesn't take any arm twisting to get to go out for a ride.

Thanks again to all of you that have came and made for the great times, we have met some of the greatest people and made some fine friends that have become more than family.

Orlin and Sharon

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