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UNITY model 583-2 Driving Lights (PAIR)

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Like new Unity model 583-2 4" X 6" Rectangular Driving Light (Pair) - Projects a long, narrow beam that extends beyond the range of high-beam headlights. They are for use when there is no opposing traffic and/or for racing, rallying or off-road use.

Clear halogen sealed beam driving lamp, 50 watts (each lamp), 50,000 candlepower, 200 hours lamp life, black finish, Stainless steel mounting bracket 3605, 12V.

Retails at $194.33

My price is HALF of retail: $97.00 WITH FREE SHIPPING to lower 48 US address. PayPal


For more information about these exceptional, MADE IN THE USA driving lights go to Unity's website:



For information about the bulb (included) in these driving lights go here:





Driving Lights Unity (1) (Large).jpgDriving Lights Unity (2) (Large).jpgDriving Lights Unity (1) Unity 583-2drivepair.jpg

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