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1st Gen Parts for Sale...

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Hello, Everyone!!!


Happy Friday! Below you will see an '86 Royal Venture I have that am parting out.


Description: Mechanically complete 1986 Venture (Let me VIN it) for you guys

Details: Main use as my parts bike for my Project '86.

Remarks: Mostly have everything I need off of it.

Special Notes: There may still be some parts I need to pull at my discretion. Unless I

have made a deal with you already, please don't yell at me. That's just not cool.


How much? Show me the part, part numbers don't always help me. I'm a quick learner,

and not an expert on this bike. But I can find it pretty quick.


Lastly, make me an offer. Shipping will not be included in offer.


Parts pulled are AS-IS, No guarantees. Sorry, ya'll.


Picture Legend:

Red X = Items either sold or moved to my project bike.

(Disclaimer: other pieces may moved throughout the restoration process. Although,

if a deal has been and/or paid for IT WILL BE HONORED.)


Shipping Details: Most will be provided via USPS Priority Flat Rate.

So please use the calculator at USPS FR Calculator


or UPS. Your Choice. Zip ship from is 72956.


Either way please allow 2 weeks to remove, package and mail the part(s).


I work full-time & have a senior in high school in the process of doing college visits.

(and did I mention she is in marching band in the middle of fall competitions?)


oO(Psst..Thank ya'll for understanding)




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