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Contest - new venturerider cap


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Hey Don,

Thanks a bunch for running this contest! As you know, I got busted up pretty bad back in April. Two surgeries later, I'm back in the saddle again! Just got cleared to ride this week! Took the 87'VR out for a spin or two. (Much to the horror of my wife!) I have been posting from time to time on the forum, could probably post more, I'll see what I can do about that. Still have the 87'VR and 89'VR. I made it to your Maint. Day this year, by car sporting a cane! I didn't make it to the WNY Posse's rally this year, just had the second surgery at the time. Still a little shook up about the passing of Bongo Bobby, gonna' miss that man! My brothers and I, (mostly my two brothers) did the interior of the shop this summer. Insulation, walls, ceiling, lighting, and HD electric. I am hoping to finish the painting and final touches by spring. My company offered me a "early retirement" buyout. A chunk of money and free Insurance until full retirement. I'm interested, but haven't made up my mind yet. I got a birthday coming up next week, whooo hooo, free coffee at Denny's...finally!

I hope all is well with you and your family, and thanks again for posting this contest!

Earl and Jean.

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I will throw my hat in the ring, too....in the hope of getting back a Venture Cap. :innocent-emoticon:


I currently ride a Kawasaki Nomad triked with Hannigan Kit.


Have just bought a Sachs 125 cc too, but haven't put it on the road. May be next year, to putter around the neighbourhood.:biker:

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Still here but don't post much. Sold the 02 Venture, I'm 75 now and it was great on the road but a handful in the parking lot. Bought a 2017 Yamaha 1300 Deluxe which I enjoy a lot. Lighter and lower. Still leading the annual Salt Spring Island toy run as Santa.

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It's been a long time since we had any type of contest here. So....we are having one now. Final day for entry will be Sunday October 13 at 9:00 AM.


The contest is open to all SUPPORTING MEMBERS who simply reply to this thread. I'm going to send an email to all members in just a few minutes to let everybody know. You must be a supporting member before the end of contest in order to be eligible.


There are a lot of members that we haven't heard from in a while so what I want to see in the responses is simply how you are doing, what you are riding or if you are still riding, just something to let us know that you are still around. We want to hear from you.


So, whether you post everyday or haven't posted in a while, please respond to this message. The winner will be drawn randomly from all the people who reply to this message. Winner will receive a brand new VentureRider cap.



So far have 2500 KMS on mine runs like a clock I always check in don't always post love the sire and the members

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Still here in middle SC. Now, 69 and still riding 15K miles a year between my two up Gold Wing Trike and my 2006 Midnight RSTD.

The company I retired from a few years ago but had been part time consulting, closed my local plant,,, so now really retired.


Not on VR like years back as the Royal Star line ended and I got no interest in the 3rd generation.

I probably spend too much time on Face Book Royal Star forums.


Mike G in SC.

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Hi Everybody

Thank you Freebird for setting up the contest. It helps to get to know everyone or get re-acquainted.


This summer has been extremely busy with festivals and a three week trip to the UK so my wife and I have not had as much riding time as usual. We also had a small upset on Canada Day which put Wendy in the hospital for 5 hours with a neck brace and broke the right side of the fairing, taking out the right mirror in the process. That also put a damper on our riding shortly afterwards. Although we love Casper ( white 1989 Venture Royale), I'm beginning to think that he may be getting too heavy for us as we age. Time will tell.

Love this group and the knowledge that comes from it. Keep up the great work!!

Paul Harvey (Gnosis)

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Still riding my 1st gen 1990 (68k miles on it). Not as much anymore since my wife riding partner passed away 21 months ago. I have an 8 yr old grandaughter that just started riding with me. But not the same. As long as I have health to hold it up I will continue riding.

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I had a wrong test done on me but it found an aneurysm in my brain, surgery on 11/4 .


OUCHY OUCH OUCH OUCH!!! Prayers Up my brother for a successful surgery, good healing and perfect outcome!!


I am fine. Today is my Birthday I made it to 67. I ride a 2010 HD Electra Glide Ultra Limited now. Don't like it as much as my old MM but at least I can still buy new parts when I need them. I don't ride much but do ride one long trip a year.


Take care everyone,



:ice_congrats-vi6886 AND A VERY:


:Crazy_139::Crazy_139::Happy Birthday::Happy Birthday::Happy Birthday: :Happy Birthday:my friend!!:group cheers:






Still riding my 1st gen 1990 (68k miles on it). Not as much anymore since my wife riding partner passed away 21 months ago. I have an 8 yr old grandaughter that just started riding with me. But not the same. As long as I have health to hold it up I will continue riding.


Deepest of heartfelt condolences at your great loss JD,, I can't imagine what you are going thru by working thru the grieving process brother but please know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


About the hat that I am gonna win,,, Don,, please move this post to the last post of the thread on the final day of the contest cause everyone knows it's the last person to enter that ends up winning :ice_thy-vi101212101!!

Also,, GREAT idea on the contest :You_Rock_Emoticon:

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New to the group only having joined a few months ago but over the years have occassionally monitored what is going on... Balancing my time between an '06 Black Cherry and an '18 Raspberry... really like the 3rd generation until the clip holding the solenoid for the right saddlebag popped out of place... 3 weeks later the parts came in after the dealership actually cut the top lid off the bag!

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Yup I'm still around. Still have the Millennium Venture but due to a move and other things coming up it's still stored in a friends barn.. Hope to make up for that next year. Really miss my therapy.. Check in here regularly but don't post much.. Love this bunch..


Thanks Don for all you do ..

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Not Fair! Contests ends at 9am?? Wot?

Only noticed and dredged it out from Google Spam when another Email got my attention when it entered my Inbox at 11:45 MST.

But then life ain't always fair, is it? That's why I often find myself leaning on the everlasting arms. Long story.

Bought my 1st Venture as my #11 Bike in almost 30 yrs riding. Which includes a lot of high mile-ing and ice/snow winter riding too up here in Canada; presently in Calgary. It is my best Bike overall yet. Aside of my 2 Goldwings and Valkyrie, etc. Yay!

A 2007 RSV Midnite; a Black Beauty.

Even better since I found the parasitic load/drain on my new AGM Battery that I battled with all summer long. Pulling the Memory Backup Fuse which saves the 2 trip meters, clock, radio/cb settings, resulted in night and day better battery performance. I have to sacrifice my beloved Music Radio use till I can figger why the load on that fuse drains the battery so much.

Putting the Headlight and Passing Lights on separate switches will also help on the somewhat anemic factory output of the Stator/RR. Before I install Led Lights up front which I expect will really help.

Anyway glad to now be part of the Yammy Venture Community.

So; Howdy to you All.

2007 Venture Royal Star.JPG

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Yup, I'm still around...but heck...you know that....

As an AC Tech, I'm usually pretty busy in the Summer and this year is no exception. Been some issues at work causing people to quit...they almost lost me but I hung in there and there HAVE been some positive changes.

Rode the bikes up to the Cabin with friends last month. Meant to post about it but haven't had time. Had some interesting issues with the motorhome...(2 flats within 10 miles)....

Just returned from a trip to PA with the motorhome and saw your message, so figured I'd better respond, but all is well with Lisa and I, and looking forward to the next get together...probably next year....possibly at the cabin.

All's well, and thanks for askin'.:thumbsup2:

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I check in to the site a few times a day, post responses to things I can answer.

Turned 60 in July, riding the '09 Venture. Haven't done any long trips lately but the Venture is my daily ride.

Glad you started this thread, chance to see what some of the quiet members have been up to.

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