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Stupid O' the Day...


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So, have you ever.. Been so happy you get this fixed, and that... and that.. and so on???


Only you kind of forgot something???


Yup that happened last night. Thankfully it was just around the corner.:sign brain fart::sign brain fart:


I've been working on the project for the past few months. It's fairly road ready and was going (being the optimal word) to ride it to a friends house.

Only as I got it a little down the road, thankfully in the neighborhood, it started getting slushy. And sliding out on me. Finally I took one more corner,

and Yup! you guessed it. I had forgotten to put enough air in the rear tire when I had it mounted/balanced. And then when I got it on the bike I was

distracted from fully airing it up. Lessoned learned. Well, at least I know the process to get it off. :beersign: :sign bring it on: I got this...

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