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Best place to mount a WOLO Bad Boy horn on a Gen 1????

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I picked up a WOLO Bad Boy horn and relay for the '86 today. Has anyone mounted one on a Gen 1? If so where did you place it?


I'm thinking I'll just fab up a mounting bracket that runs straight back from the OEM mounting point and mount the WOLO unit in the recess of the lower fairing next to Cyl. 4

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I made a bracket that mounted to the frame right where the horn does. Made it long enough to hang the horn outside the lower fairing leg. When I added combo fog/driving lights I made new brackets that carried those too.


You should put a horn on each side. Really gets you noticed.

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I mounted my driving lights to the original horn brackets, I mounted a Bad Boy on each side to the saddlebag crash guards. I used purchased chrome handle bar mounts to make the attachment. Worked great. 2 is better than one. I started with one and then a year later I upgraded to a second one. I ran them both off the same relay so it was really easy to add the second one.


If I had not sold the bike I was going to upgrade to train horns, a tank and a compressor running at 200 PSI.

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