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Looking for upper trunk break light lens (1990 Venture Royale)


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I have been digging now for around four weeks looking for a new upper rear trunk brake light lens cover. All the parts books I find just show a reflector here but I have two venture royales and both have brake lights in this position.


1990 Venture Royale XVZ1300D Blue

1991 Venture Royale XVZ1300D Black (ex Undercover Police Cruiser)


The 1990 got its lens cracked in a trailer mishap and now will not pass inspection.


Does anyone know where I might find this lens or at very least a part number so I can narrow the search a bit.


Thank you,




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What you have is an aftermarket replacement light bar with turn signals in it. It was available from Big Bike Parts out of Rice Lake, Wi. You might be able to contact them and see if they still have any of the replacement lenses available still.

This is from an old post on the lenses:


I called Big Bike Parts at 888-244-2453 ext 10. The part numbers are as follows:


Center red lens 900100L

Left amber lens 900100LL

Right amber lens 900100RL


They had all 3 items in stock as of last Thursday, 7-18-13.


I hope this helps and good luck.


Rick F.

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