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1985 engine, FREE to a good home.

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I have a complete engine from an early 85 that has the 2nd gear issue. The engine was completely disassembled to repair the 2nd gear issue and is now in several boxes. Reassembly was never started. I got this as part of a package deal. I never inventoried the parts but was told it is all there. I have it priced accordingly. FREE!! I would prefer to meet someone to take this as it would be very expensive to pack it all up for safe shipping.


I would prefer it all go as a package because once some parts are cherry picked out then it is no longer complete and even harder to find a new for for the remainder.


I am offering it here first. If there is no interest then it will get parted out on ebay for very cheap and whatever does not sell in a month will go to the scrap yard.


If you have any other ideas on how to make this go away from my basement, Fire away.

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