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83 venture modified for solo riding

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Replaced squeeling speedo with this Trailtech digital unit.  Has a magnet gorilla glued to the rotor.  Removed the old cable/ housing and capped off the drive at the wheel



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Center stand mod.  
I cut around 2 inches off the bottom of the center stand and welded some cross tube on the feet to make a “ride off” stand.  It is very easy to pop on the stand (even in flip- flops) and rear wheel is on the ground when on the stand.  I carry 2 small chunks of 2x4 to tip the center stand on to lift the rear wheel off the ground or stabilize on soft ground.





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12 hours ago, MoonShine said:

Replaced the rear brake master cylinder and reservoir with a more modern set up.  I think it came off a Royal Star Venture from the 2000’s?


Doesn't look like there is much expansion room in the reservoir, you will need room for the fluid to expand, especially from being so close to the exhaust. If you don't give it room then you can expect brake drag as things warm. Just and observation. Looks handy though.!

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