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Second Gen. Heavy Duty Clutch Spring & Full Disc Upgrade Kit!


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When you roll on the throttle of your Second Gen. RSV or RSTD does the


clutch slip? When you "briskly" go from first to second gear does your


clutch slip? Do you ride 2 up often? Are you trying to pull a trailer and is


your clutch slipping? Are you thinking about paying $300.00 plus the


install for a Barnett Clutch, well think again! The stock Yamaha clutch is


a high quality part and will last up to 100,000 miles. The problem is not


your clutch; It's the clutch basket diaphragm spring and that "wimpy"


half disc that has failed. So here's the fix! Install an aftermarket, thicker


clutch diaphragm spring, and full clutch disc and never worry about that


RSV or RSTD or RSTC clutch again! The heavy duty clutch diaphragm spring


puts 25% more clamping force on the clutch discs than the stock RSV


clutch spring. Here's my deal, you get a brand new .070” thick heavy duty


clutch diaphragm spring, (name brand) a new full clutch friction disc to


replace the half disc, and a brand new, genuine Yamaha replacement


clutch cover gasket, everything you need to do this install for $115.00


including shipping in the USA!!! I will include complete written


instructions, and i have a picture file that can be downloaded!


what a deal!! If you have some miles on your current set of friction discs,


check my other MEMBER VENDOR Classified Ads for the remaining 7 genuine Yamaha friction


discs or the seven steel clutch plates for $105.00 a set each, Making this upgrade basically, a brand new, better that


stock clutch! This upgrade can be done in less than 2 hours, doesn't


require the removal of the clutch basket, can be done with a 10mm


and 12mm wrench and an allen wrench, and a pair of needle nosed pliers


and side cutters and you will loose very little engine oil! Shipping in the


48 states is free, outside the us is at actual cost! I accept paypal and checks!


Thanks for viewing my ad.


Earl (skydoc_17)



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Hi Earl, are you still offering the clutch upgrade? My clutch slips a little in 5th gear when i hammer it. The whine has gotten worse as well so i hope this might scale it back a little. i have a 2006 RSTD.




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  • skydoc_17 changed the title to Second Gen. Heavy Duty Clutch Spring & Full Disc Upgrade Kit!

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