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65th birthday and fathers day on the same day this year.


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So June 17th this year was not only Fathers day but my 65th birthday as well. It actually started the day before when my wife kidnapped me for what she referred to as a little pre-birthday thingy. So in the car we go headed for what I assumed would be a family breakfast at Cora's which is a bit of a family tradition. When suddenly I realize Marita just pulled a Marcarl, missed the turn and of course we all know about the U-turn that inevitably follows. Wrong again unlike Marcarl she actually seems to know where she is going and so now I am scratching my head. Next thing I know we are pulling into the parking lot of BBQ's Galore, and there in the middle of the lot stands my Kids and Grandchildren. After a bunch of hugs, they proceed to escort me inside and tell me to choose a BBQ of my choice.


The next day Sunday the actual day of both Fathers Day and My 65th Birthday Marita sends me out on a length errand, from which I return to find again my entire family with the addition of my Mother, Brothers and their wives plus my Grandchildren, Nieces and Nephews.


So here is a cool pic drawn by my Sister in law. The horse was my old horse Snort, I had for 18 years and the dog is my Airedale Rio. Plus the BBQ in action


20180617_170730 (Medium).jpg

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Oh Crap, here I thought I could slow down for a bit, but you're keeping right up to me, Another birthday eh? soon to be retired I bet.


Well, congrats and wishing you many more.


And didn't I tell you that Marita wasn't too old to learn yet, took me a while, but seems I learned her good!


Good picture, looks like an artist that knows you well.

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