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Stereo, amp and speaker question!

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so I have installed a Fusion MS-RA50 Stereo that is hooked up to a Sony Marine 600W Amplifier with 2 RCA Jacks that are

split into 4 RCA Jacks where it connects to amplifier. then the Amp feeds 4 ea 4" Round Pyle Marine 100W peak speakers.

and...it sounds like crap! I do not know much about the settings on the amp itself. I played with them a bit but with know success.

Can someone help me dial them in or point me into a direction that will give me better sound at higher volume? different speakers or

amp??? I believe that the Fusion Deck is rated at 80w (40x2) if that helps.


thanks in advance for any help!

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Try Kicker speakers from Crutchfield K45 series lot of sound and they can help with correct wiring etc.  I have some kickers 4" in my bike, and they are really good sounding speakers 100 max normal 50watts.

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