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Royal Star Rear Wheel with Nenkang Tire


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I've done a lot of other upgrades to the bike and the Darkside rear tire was no longer compatible with the suspension setup. I did throw it on a buddies Tour Deluxe and it rides true, but he has no interest in keeping the tire.


So I have a spare rear rim with a mounted Nenkang CX668 165/80-15 mounted and balances if anyone is interested in giving it a try. Located in greater Chicagoland area at the IL/IN state line. Message me or email Carvia @ sbcglobal . net for more info.

2018-04-24 20.31.47.jpg

2018-04-24 20.31.56.jpg

2018-04-24 20.32.09.jpg

2018-04-24 20.32.28.jpg

2018-04-24 20.32.40.jpg

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