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Water leak on my 1st Jen

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Checked my 87 Venture today and found antyfreeze on the ground under the bike. It looks like it is coming from a

Drain plug. I tried to unscrew it but it just spins Is there a seal there of some kind? How does it come apart? Here is a picture of it.IMG_0366.jpgIMG_0366.jpg

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@skydoc_17 sells a Stainless Steel replacement for that screw in the side of there. The screw is located on the right side of the plug, It is not easy to see. The one in there has a JIS cross recess head, the replacement is a hex socket head, much easier to work on in the future.

That "drain plug" is really a valve, It must be rotated to the correct position for the cooling system to operate correctly. That correct position is not logical or intuitive. There are lots of pics of the correct position.


A leak there is a common thing, the O-ring gets old and hard, when the bike is cold it will shrink and not seal, as the bike warms up it swells and seals. So a hot engine with pressure in the system will not show the leak, but there will be a puddle in the morning.

Use a big clean catch pan for the coolant when you pull that drain, this will make it easier to find the ball and spring.

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Is it cold in your area? My bike only does it when it gets real cold out. May not even be worth messing with
Same with my 89. It weeps a little when anbient temps plummet but fine other times. I think Puc clued me into this, I opted not to worry about it. Checking AF levels are a regular thing anyway and its never been low.
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