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Insta Trike on a lowered 2 Gen RSV?


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Good morning all,


Father Time, abuse of my body while young, and a recent bout with Cancer have brought me to that dreaded, but necessary, decision that I do not belong on 2 wheels anymore. I do not want to give up riding, however, but cannot afford a full blown trike. I have a 2013 Venture which I love, but had to lower to accommodate my short legs.


Since I need the RSV lowered to get my feet on the ground to back the bike up, I need a kit that does not require my RSV (Amanda) to be raised back to stock height, OR I need a kit that requires Amanda to be a stock height but provides reverse.


My research shows that:

  • Voyager requires stock height and has expensive reverse
  • Trigg is apparently out of business
  • Trip Trike requires stock height and does not have a reverse option
  • Tow Pac Insta Trike


So, my fellow Ventureriders, has anyone actually put an Insta Trike kit on a lowered 2 Gen RSV?

Side bag lid clearance?

Other problems?


Many thanks....Steve

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