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AJBinVA's 1983 Turbo Venture Max Build.

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Hello all. Just wanted to start a thread to track the build process of my 1983 Venture Royale.


The goal:


Daily driver ridability/reliability.


Discreet. Not necessary hide the additions but make them disappear to the casual onlooker since I will be riding to work and parking on public streets in not so nice parts of town.


Retain shaft drive.


Hoping to be around 200hp at ~8psi.



I picked the bike up locally back in July. Previous owner disassembled it to remove the carbs to have them rebuilt. Shad them rebuilt then lost interest so it was basically a rolling frame and motor.


So far I've been amassing parts. Focusing on the turbo stuff first then chassis improvements.


Parts list so far:


Holley 390 double pumper. Modifying it for blow through duty. Pretty robust and proven on many cars. Got it for a steal.


Garrett GTX2860R turbo.


2001 RSV 1300 motor. Like the idea of the taller gears and it was free.


Vmax heads/cams. I've got a few spares around including a vmax parts bike.


Dyna 3000 ignition. Might go with something different but I've got a vmax unit ready if need be.


Still need to order all the plumbing and intercooler. Hoping to start fabricating the manifold over Christmas break.


Pictures to follow.

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Figured I'd throw in a few pictures of its current state. Just ordered Wastgate/BOV and turbine flanges last night. Need to get an order in for the intercooler and intake/exhaust piping so I can start fabrication over the holidays. Hoping to drop the engine off at PCW for building soon.





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Im watching with great interest stil, I dig turbos!


If I'm not mistaken the compression ratio of a Vmax 1200 is 10.5:1, as is the XVZ12/13 and at some point on Gen2 was dropped to 10:1. What I dont know is if this was achieved with head design, deck height, piston design or some combination thereof. If you use Vmax heads will your compression return to 10.5:1? Are you planning to drop the compression to compensate for boost, if so may I ask how? I would imagine the stock slugs and rods would handle 8 lbs, but I really dont know. What is being done to the engine other than Vmax top end?


91/93 oct pump gas?

I know a Vmax is safe to about a 10krpm redline, and mine pulls to that redline with great speed and ease, I've read that this is about the point of diminishing returns for these engines, is this about where you will set the rev limiter? I assumed the lower redline on the Ventures was limited because of CFM limitations of head and cam design rather than the threat of engine damage. Theoretically a Venture low end is safe to rev to Vmax levels, are you going there?


Sorry about all the questions, I know your still in the early stages of development but this is the coolest thing ever. I wont deny wondering (often) what a VMX supercharger kit would be like on a Vmax-headed Venture and what that would take, but at heart I'm a turbo guy.


Thanks for journaling this build!



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The plan for the engine is to use JE 8.5:1 forged piston and Carillo A-beam rods and vmax flywheel. Should be able to use the whole vmax rev band with the setup. According to John at PCW 18psi should be safe and beyond that no matter what I do I'll start breaking things.


Beyond that I'll be getting heavier valve springs, o-rings on the cylinder sleeves and copper head gasket.


With the weather progress has been slow. I did pick up another 87 Venture Royale to use for donor parts.

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