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Prayers up


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Thinking Kirby might be referring to the Hurricane stuff? Yep,, right there with ya Kirb = thoughts and Prayers Up for all those folks down there dealing with those Hurricanes - both the damages from Harvey and now dealing with Irma. Hope each of you are safe!!

If I got that wrong Kirby,, sorry about that - didnt mean to hi-jack..

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Definitely prayers up for Florida. Stay safe. I'm hearing from some of the South GA peeps south of me that for them it's a bit scary with the wind. Mike and I are already buttoned down here in Middle GA waiting for whatever Irma throws at us tomorrow. We just hope we don't lose any trees. There's a few that are suspect trees we planned to take down this fall. But Mike ahead of Irma decided to move the van into the garage...we thought we would share the engineering.... yes there is a bike in there too lol.




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