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Sold the 86 Venture Royal

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Sold my Venture yesterday. The buyer said he had one before BUT after seeing how he loaded it up on his trailer and the odd questions he asked I don't think he ever owned one before. He didn't even know how to bleed the brakes! First, him and his buddy wrapped a steel cable around the fork tubes to pull the bike up their loading ramp then proceeded to pull the bike to the front of the trailer. And snugged it up against the front of the trailer using the winch and left it pulled up tight to the winch putting lots of pressure on the tubes. They then died the bike down on the kick stand side with out tying it down on the right side also. I believe in putting a bike on the center stand and tying both right and left sides down.

I'm sure if it didn't fall over he has bent the fork tubes!

Another thing that made me suspicious of his knowledge of the bikes was he wanted me to hook the battery cables up to my big battery charger, it has a 150amp boost for starting vehicles. Of course I refused.

I'm sure I'll get a call from him saying there's something wrong with the bike because he couldn't get it to start after hooking it up to a battery charger to play with the lights? AND he will want his money back!

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