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Base Info:





1157-CW27-T6200K 80/290. lm. 200 mA$14.95


1157-NW27-T4000 K 100/330 lm. 200 mA$14.95


1157-A27-T595 nm 70/280. lm. 207 mA$14.95


1157-R27-T630 nm 12/55. lm. 105 mA$14.95



Knowing that you should match led color to lens color....

Here is the question:


If you take a 4000k led with 100/330 lumens and put in red lens... Subtract lumen loss from red lens, will that still be brighter than a red led putting out 12/55 lumens with a red lens???


Inquiring mind wants to know.

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Not sure on that is that will make a big difference or not.. One thing to make sure if is that the replacement LED will fit in the location you are planning as some of these tower LED bulbs are taller then a regular bulb and you might have clearance issues.


Good Luck

Rick F.

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One thing to think of here.  As LEDs produce the color you want you do not need a filter over them to produce a color.  I like clear covers over LED turn signals and they provide much more illumination than incandescant bulbs.  


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