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Job Opening For Hunters


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Job Opening For Hunters. . .


Snaking on Saturday


I'm “the puller”, but if you’re interested, the position of "hole guy" is open.




First, we wrap the "hole guy's" arm in a skin for protection.

image 01.jpg



Then we find a big hole and the "hole guy" crawls in.

image 02.jpg


We use modern lighting.

image 03.jpg


There it is.

image 04.jpg


Those must be eggs.

image 05.jpg


I let it take my protected arm, sort of like noodling for fish.

image 06.jpg


Then my buddy pulls me out with the snake attached.

image 07.jpg


Ain't it a beauty?

image 08.jpg


It will feed the whole village for a while.

image 09.jpg



Snake Noodling - - - - - What real men do! Maybe standing in line at the grocery store isn't as bad as it seems!!!




And some of us thought that our work was tough… Hum

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