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2017 VentureRider International Rally

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Okay everyone here are the dates for the 2017 International Rally June 27th to the 30th that is from Tuesday to Friday. If you want to come early or stay longer we wont chase you away.

I hope that you can make it and get ride on some great roads, eat some good food relax and get to see some old friends and make some new ones.


Here is our address E9364 Hwy56 Viroqua WI, 54665

And here is a list of motels in Viroqua. I would like to get as many to stay at the Hickory Hill its just outside of town and very easy to get to, and the couple that own it are great people, its a nice clean place. The next would be the Vernon Inn and last would be the Midway its clean it can be a little hard getting in and out of there at certain times of the day.


Hickory Hill Motel




S5539 Us Highway 14, Viroqua, WI 54665


(608) 637-3104




Vernon Inn & Suites




1325 N Main St, Viroqua, WI 54665 · ~5.6 mi


(608) 637-3100




Midway Motel




850 N Main St, Viroqua, WI 54665 · ~5.3 mi


(608) 637-2929


We went up and blocked 10 rooms at the Vernon Inn today, they give a discount for AARP and AAA members.

The Hickory Hill is closed until March 1st so you cant reserve a room there until then, I will be going there on March 1st to block some rooms there.



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I live in Houston and will be in Chicago the month of June. Planning a trip to North Carolina and Ohio that month and will try and fit a visit in for this event. Will most likely decide a week or so before the event and let you know as soon as I do. I hope this is ok. I will pay the $30 when I get there. Don't worry about holding any rooms for me. I will figure out a place to stay.

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I have decided to go and will send registration, money and RSVP once I figure out the dates. I have a couple questions though as this is my first one. Do you meet up somewhere each day? Are there planned rides each day or what days? What is planned for the first day the 27th as I would like to plan whether to come in on the 26th or 27th? I guess I am wondering if there is any kind of Itinerary? Thx

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Dah is there a registration fee? Or whats the dues here folks? I'm trying to work out some things.


Dion, go up to the first post in this thread. There is a PDF file of the registration form and the fee is listed there.

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Sharon says that she is getting excited for the Rally, as for me I am a ball of nerves, Mother Nature keeps making my list longer and less time to get it all done..

We must of had lighting hit our out door water hydrants I have one that has a hole in the pipe under ground and the other blew a hole out of the plastic pipe near the well, that one I will have fixed the other is a maybe, if I can get the backhoe home and have the time to fit it in I will have that fixed.

That will leave us with using the shower in the house or in our camper, There is the pool in Viroqua that has showers and it is $2.00 to take a shower.

I know that there are a couple that are bringing their campers, I can fill the fresh water tanks so you can still have water.

The rides are planed just need to pre ride them again to make sure the roads are good riding.

I did get some people that have just registered and I will see if I can still get you tee shirts I may not be able to get the same color but I will see what I can do.

If you don't want to go on the group ride there will be maps here of the area and other stuff to look at to let you know what is in the area. I am going to post this in the International Rally spot also and will be putting some more information about the rides on the also in a couple of days.


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call me at 507-438-6658 I can get you there.

my name is Gary Mega2500


Thanks for the response Gary, but after some further searching with Garmin Basecamp and Google maps I found it. On Basecamp I had to click on the road until I was close to the address I was looking for and then went to Google Maps street view to verify the house. On street view you can barely make out the address sign. Correct me if I am wrong but it is on 56 right past 82 and then it is the first house on 56 just past Elm Dr. on the north side of 56?

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"Correct me if I am wrong but it is on 56 right past 82 and then it is the first house on 56 just past Elm Dr. on the north side of 56?"


That is the place. There will be plenty of members around the hotel, if you get turned around from one too many corners on the roads. I think almost everyone that has been to Orlin's has run past his drive at least once.:doh:

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Home safe. Had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone in person. Orlin did a great job hosting with the help of his wife Sharon and Sherry and who ever else I left out. Thank you so much for all you did. Now to figure out how to post some pics so all can see without taking up too much space.

<a href=http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh492/jcgfree/IMG_0223_zps9xiinrvz.jpg' alt='IMG_0223_zps9xiinrvz.jpg'> http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh492/jcgfree/IMG_0222_zpsrwhrtbrn.jpg[/img]

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Made it home safe. Had a great time meeting some new folks and old friends. Lots of great stories and awesome rides. Thanks for all the hard work put in by those that planned.


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I made it home safe in three days, I drove the last day 702 miles because my next door neighbor called me to let me know water was coming out of my garage door and front door. He shut the water off to my house. The damage was not that bad. The small plastic tubing fitting was leaking behind the refrigerator. Lucky I have tile floors throughout the house. I would like to thank Orlin for the ride through the hills in WI and the ladies that made lunch the first day. Also like to thank you all that helped with my running lights bolts that kept coming loose. Yes, the straps I placed on the running lights held all the way to Florida. I told my wife, we could of did the "IRON BUTT Ride" Two up for a thousand mile in less than 24 hours if we continued down to the Key West. The traffic was bumper to bumper getting into Florida and the lighting/rain from Illinois to Florida was off and on. But overall I had a great time, it was a "Venture". Until we meet again, "Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down".

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