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My 1300 VentureMax

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Many on the forum have seen my conversion. This is a description for newbies:


1985 Venture Royale purchased for $600, very rough looking with second gear popping out.

Cleaned it up, sync'd the carbs and rode it for a while by skipping past second.


Found a 1987 1300cc engine in MO. and was told it had about 44,000 miles on it. Arranged a meet in Tulsa.

Cleaned up the 1300 and tested compression, etc. It seemed to be sound.


Found Vmax cams on Ebay, a forum member had Vmax springs, a local shop had needles for the carbs.


Adjusted the low speed jets many times using my home-made tool. Tried different shims on the carb needles.

The Beast ran pretty good, in between carb problems.


Rode the beast for some time. But, every time it sat in the garage for a couple of weeks the carbs would screw up.

The last carb failure coincided with my acquisition of a 1992 VR. The '85 has been sitting for a couple of years now.


Decided I wanted to rip out the stock carb set and try something else. FI is too expensive, thought about half of a Q-Jet,

Then I saw a story about a primary/secondary two barrel carb and home-made intake.

I have the carb, waiting on an opportunity to build the manifold.


I have lots of other tales about this build, all you have to do is ask!


Here are some pictures . . . Yamaha Venture 00.jpgp2 22jul09b.jpgVR004.jpgVR006.jpgVR013.jpgVR017.jpg23nov10 013 (Medium).jpg

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Waiting for more....




I should have something to add as soon as the snow flies and I get onto it. After riding the bike this year I have decided that it has enough power as it is, but a bit more top end would be welcome, and so it will happen.

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