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Venture spotted on 60 minutes


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Last night on 60 minutes they did a piece about economic development in the golden triangle area of Mississippi. The director of the development agency rode off on his Venture to go to a meeting with a prospective company in one scene. It was two tone red and black. i don't know what year that makes it.


anyone from that area, or is her member? (He should be).



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had to be an 09 2nd gen. they did not offer a black and red 2nd gen any other year


Well I am afraid that is not correct Eusa - they actually did offer them in 2001 and I have seen a couple in person. In 2001 they had Cherry Red and Black even though they are not very common. Here is a picture of one I found on the web and there are others.

VIN number verifies it to be a 2001.

VIN: JYAVP04E61A005024 The tenth letter (number) indicating the year of production.

This one is for sale on eBay at the moment. Item number 201734454351 - and there are a quite a few other 2001 Cherry Red/Black for sale on the web.

This one is a steal for the price he is asking and he is also welcoming offers. Would most likely buy it if I was looking for another bike. Purdy bike !!




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They called it bordeaux red in 2001 and the same color was on some of the silver and "egg plant" 99.

yamaha never produced a black and red of any shade in 2001.

you can go to eom parts finder and it will show you if you have further doubts. 100%

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I don't think so Jonas. I think it is Bordeaux. VERY dark red. I went to the one on Ebay and if you really zoom in, I THINK I can see that it is the Boardeaux.


You guys got me on the CHERRY - But Red it is :o

I LIKE RED ! CHERRY, CANDY, BORDEAUX,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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