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Sidewall plies on a bfg 155/80-15


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Would anyone be willing to check their bfg 155/80-15 and tell me how many ply sidewall wall it has? I see they're back in stock online but having trouble getting this information. I've been running a Nexen for a couple thousand miles and I think I'd like to try something with a stiffer sidewall.

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Can't believe it gives that info on the tire. I ran a Nexen for 30K and am now runnning a BFG, 155/80-15. I run 45psi with no issues. It seems to sit a bit lower, but then again, my whole bike does too. Probably have 15K on it now.

I'm leaving for northern MN in a half hour and don't feel like laying on the ground now, but when i get to PIP, I'll look, if I remember. Try looking at the BFG website.


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