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Found a great source for a motorcycle alarm


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I found a great source for a decent motorcycle alarm system. It was very easy to wire up. It is a 2 way system which means one of the 2 keyfobs it comes with receives an alert if the alarm goes off.



I found it here:






It's called a SHARK SHKMOT2WAY. I only paid $30 bucks. I has a shock sensor, motion & also remote start & engine kill switch. They shipped fast it got to me in 3 days. Just thought I'd share with the group

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I wonder how much drain it puts on the battery?


IDK, I installed it on the 90 Electra Glide I bought. The Alarm has been set (on & off) as I have been working on it fro 2 weeks now.

The bike has not really been ridden. That said, I can still fire her up without issue.


OH BTW I just realized that by pushing 2 buttons on the remote, you can program the system to self arm 30 seconds after the ignition is off.

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