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I bought me a Harley!


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Well I have a new addition to the pen, a 1990 Electra Glide Classic.

Happen to come across it on Craigslist not far from my new home.

It has 47K miles and the engine & trans were rebuilt 1,800 miles ago.

The PO has back issues & now rides a trike and "didn't need 2 Harleys"

The best thing is I got it for $5k.


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:scared:Absolutely GORGEOUS Cabby!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::clap2::clap2:


Can see by the :photographing: (which I thank you for!!) that the PO owner did his scoot proud by switchin over to an SnS carb - I have always LOVED the look of the SnS "teardrop" breather too BUT - that carb system is an AWESOME improvement. That EVO big inch motor was/is a sweetheart - one of The Motor Company's greatest moves IMHO (kept em :stickpoke: after the cumbersome "AMF" days). They (HD) maintained the awesome sound of the Shovel with that engine but definitely increased the durability therewith.

Looks like a nice, well cared for scoot at a really good price with TONS of potential for many miles of pure potato poppin fun - hope the two of you experience just that!!:fingers-crossed-emo


PS - if that were my gorgeous Dresser, the first thing I would do is give her/him a name.. I know it sounds crazy but I can tell ya for a fact - no name & Burnease will be :rasberry: on that ol Harley right from the get go. Give it a name of love and respect and the two of them will be :biker::biker: like two peas in a




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Hey Andy, great looking bike. Are you going to be able to ride it down to Asheville? Linda and I sure hope so.

How are you liking Jonesborough? It is a shame it has been so hot as it has been about 10 degrees above normal since you moved down here. When ever you can, we need to get together for a visit.


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Love Jborough! Very peaceful & tranquil. Helen has been having a field day at the flea markets & the Farmers markets. My neighbors are horses across the street in front & cows greeting me in the morning during coffee.



(As seen from the sunroom) lol


Doing a few tweaks & add on's (like trailer hitch) on the bike so possibly will be able to take her there. Need to talk to you about details.

I sent you an email with our # so we can get together.

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Good looking bike!!!


If I may suggest, look around for the mid frame heat deflectors that mounts on the frame between the fuel tank and the bags. It is 2 plastic pieces that mount on both side and will help with the heat coming from the crossover pipe. I hope you get many miles out of it!

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Since the heat shields are chrome, I'm thinking about wrapping the pipes with heat tape & then putting the shields back on.

It should cut down on heat (at least the 3rd degree burns) while retaining the stock look.

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