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Thanks for coming to Maintenance Day


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Thanks for making the ride here, We got to make some new friends and see some old ones.

And yes it is decided we will have again next year same weekend, June 22 to the 25.

I am doing this from my phone will ad more later, and I hope the someone has some pics they can share for Cowpuc we all know how much he likes pics.

Thanks again, Orlin and Sharon

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Thank you Orlin and Sharon for another great weekend of riding your little slice of motorcycle heaven. I was totally lost most of the time, and loved every minute spent with this great group.


Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk

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:scratchchin:,,,,:photographing::cop:,,, a thousand 1 - a thousand 2 - a thousand 3 - a thousand 4 - a thousand 5 :big-grin-emoticon:


Thank you Orlin, we had a blast. You and your family are wonderful hosts. Even though Erika did not talk much she still had fun.

I do have a few pics and some ride video that I need to figure out how to prep for uploading.



:bang head: a thousand 100,658,732 , a thousand 100,658,733 , a thousand 100,658,734 , a thousand 100,658,735 :smash2::hihi:

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Thanks, Sharon and Orlin, had a great time, made new friends, met up with some old ones. Realized that you can get lost around there fast! Will be planning to attend next year and work on the kids to be there too!


Daryl and Sheila

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OK, just so that @cowpuc can finally stop counting, here are the few pics that I did take and a short vid from the Saturday ride.



The beginnings of the campfire



Views around the camp area.






Poor Moe and Curly sure looked lonely trying to find ol Puc and the famous Tippy, and their best friend Tweeks.



A short Ride Vid. The audio is mostly the AC in my truck with the GPS and the stereo in the background.


OK, So I never claimed to be any good at pics...............

And even worse at video.............

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You did good, Jeff!


:sign yeah that::sign yeah that::sign yeah that::sign yeah that::sign yeah that::sign yeah that::thumbsup:


Thanks a ZILLION brother,, my fingers and toes are so raw from counting em I can barely walk or type :missingtooth:.. BEAUTIFUL PICS!!! :thumbsup:


That Orlin and Sharon sure have a GORGEOUS spot there - PERFECT for holding rally's like they do!! Showed the pic of Moe to Tweeks and her sister a moment ago - Tweeks was :95: and her sister was :173:... Neither of them have met Curly,,, gonna have to stop at Or's and into Tweeks sister to both of them next time we head west.. Could be a double wedding in the future!!:bluesbrother:


Thanks for sharing Fool - YOU DA MAN BROTHER!!

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I have to add my thanks to Orlin and Sharon for hosting the event in the middle of some of the nicest riding anywhere. Also to the folks who were all so welcoming when I finally caught up to them on Saturday at the Blue Goose. I ran late and came in as most were finishing up, and some had more pizza than they could eat, and offered to let me clean it up, instead of ordering on my own. I was glad to have it, and although I don't know exactly whose pizza I ate, I thank them again. Orlin even led us on some roads I've not been on before, and my wife and I have ridden that part of Wisconsin quite a bit, so that takes some doing.


Although I did exchange first names with quite a few of the riders, I wish I would have made more of an effort to find out names from the forum so I could tie them all together. Maybe somebody has a few pictures they could post, along with forum (and real) names.


I had a good, steamy, hot ride back to Winona Saturday afternoon, and recovered with my feet in my grandson's blow-up wading pool, followed by burgers on the grill. Sunday morning I left on time and had a great ride most of the way home, although the wind was picking up some by the time I made it home.


Thanks again, everybody. Nice to share the road and afternoon with you all.



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