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here is where the Venture went


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COOL!!!!!! :clap2::clap2::clap2::clap2::thumbsup:

Like Skyster already mentioned, it would great to see some specs on it and I wonder what kind of price range it is gonna fall into. Be AWESOME if it were comparable to the Vette or a Stealth in performance at 1/2 the money - suckers would sell like hot cakes!! Polaris did it with their Slingshot (price difference between it and the T-Rex and Morgan), maybe,, just maybe Yamaha is doing that with their Sports car!! :fingers-crossed-emo

Shame to not see a new Venture but at least Yamaha is showing they aint dead in the water with innovation!:missingtooth:

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Guest Jamsie

i looked at a few press releases , and they used the iStream manufacturing system developed by Gordon Murry, the creator of the Mclaren F1 although Gordon Murry was not involved in the design , that was done by an ex Toyota designer.

With ever tighter emissions regulations . there is only a few ways to go, Make the engine with smaller capacity but add a turbo for top end power, make the car lighter ( aluminium and carbon fibre componants ),use hybrid/battery technology to reduce overall emissions or do what VW did and cheat .


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