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Hannigan Aux tank?


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Leroy, if you back off the throttle to 65mph your mpg will increase bigtime. I can get 220 miles on a tank at 65mph. Guess it depends if you want to get there quickly or get the best mpg?




Thanks for the encouragement to go a little slower. You have a very good point.


Yep, I know. I twist the right hand a little to far around the handlebar. But I live in Texas, the land of wide open spaces and some speed limits as high as 85mph.


220 @ 65 may just be a good compromise for me to live with. But the Venture at 75 and 80 is so smooth. A man has to pay for the comfort and the wind protection. 4 carbs don't come cheap. Slower can be faster.


At 220 vs 175 over 1000 miles eliminates at least one fuel stop. That equates to 10 to 20 minutes saved, not to mention $. 1000 miles @ 75 verses 1000 @ 65, 75 mph saves about two hours. So if not "on the clock" 65 would be the better when in touring mode which I do often. But if I am "on the clock" 220 @ 75 would be better, thus my interest in an auxiliary tank. For me when doing an IBA "on the clock" ride 200 miles in about 3 hours on a good day between stops is about perfect. But when touring, any miles in any day works out well. Moki Dugway looking down on Valley of the Gods.jpg


I know some of you real hard core LD riders can go much farther than I between stops. I am 67 years old and have been riding for less than 8 years so cut me some slack. Of course a catheter could extend the distance between stops if the fuel could last.

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Tour tank works great with the Venture. 5 gal. will put the total at about 11 gal which keeps you under the 11.5 limit. You can mount on the passenger grab handles (with a board) and have it be very secure. Gravity feed to a 'T' in the fuel line and you are good to go.


Have you done any IB rallying? There are usually a couple of good local rallies in Texas/Oklahoma each year. Although, with the mileage you show, local is relative. C'mon up to the MN1000 in June.



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No I haven't done any IB rallying. I admire those who have. Honestly, I do not care much for scavenger hunts and that is more or less what those remind me of. I don't do poker runs or group rides either. That is just me.


Some IBA rides I have done as a personal challenge. I still feel the need to do the 50CC and at least one Gold ride. I like to do LD rides on the clock mainly to get to a place then enjoy the area. My last long trip I did a SS2000 to Seattle. From there I road to AK and then up (paved roads) to Yellowknife usually running 350 mile days with a couple of 650s thrown in. On the way home I did 1910 miles in 35:45 (almost a SS2000 Gold) with several hours sleep south of Denver.


In June I'll be on the road somewhere between Dallas and Newfoundland and Labrador for my last long trip on my aging VTX (118,000 miles) so when I finish that trip I can say my made in the USA Honda VTX 1300R will have taken me to 49 states, DC, all of the provinces except Nunavut, and the highest and lowest paved roads in North America.


Thanks for the invite. I understand the MN1000 is a great rally. The Ride Around Texas is intriguing. I can almost talk myself into that one.MilezeroAlaska.jpg20150805_183856.jpgVTX  Yellowknife .jpg

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I have one of Larry's tanks on my '08 Hannigan trike. Very easy set up tank filler is built into left rear wheel cover with the control switch on the left handlebar. Switch has a light which indicates whether the reserve tank is in use. No worrying about fuel transfer with this system. :happy65:


Good luck with the new bike Craig. I'm sure you'll have a new love affair riding on 3 wheels.

As for the fuel transferring the guys pretty much covered that. I will add that anyone wanting a better & safer fuel transferring system just let me know. My system works great, just like big trucks do that have dual tanks. Simply toggle a switch to the desired tank.


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I know I’ve resurrected an old post but great info on the Hannigan aux tank. Something else to remember when using 🙄. Kinda like remembering to release the e brake first🙄🙄

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