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Happy birthday big tom

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APR announced today that a new species has been entered on the Federal Endangered Species List,, ICE CREAM!!

Didnt get it than but I do now!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG TOM!!!:ice_congrats-vi6886:ice_congrats-vi6886:ice_congrats-vi6886:ice_congrats-vi6886:ice_congrats-vi6886:ice_congrats-vi6886:ice_congrats-vi6886:ice_congrats-vi6886:ice_awesome-vi46644:ice_awesome-vi46644:ice_awesome-vi46644:ice_awesome-vi46644:ice_awesome-vi46644:ice_awesome-vi46644

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Happy Birthday Tom. Tried to find you a Birthday cake with Ice cream cones instead of candles, Figuring you would rather lick off cones than blow candles. But I had no idea of how big of cake I would need to hold the correct amount of cones. :whistling:

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