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Any photos of a trunk actually being installed on a RSTD ???

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I have a trunk now, thanks to Phoneman1982, and it is being painted to match my color scheme of my bike.

Thanks to Kickshot and Oldbutnewrider I have the extra backrest. I am so blessed to be a part of the site here. I am very thankful for everyones help and kind gestures. I do fully plan on paying it forward to others. Thank you very very much.

Was wondering if anyone took any photos of a trunk project add on ? ** Especially when using the quick release backrest.

This is what I plan on doing. Cutting the sissy bar off and installing the trunk onto the luggage rack. I have saw some completed installs, but no real photos of the process. I am assuming you just cut the sissy bar off at the top of the luggage rack bracket and go from there. Any help, photos would be greatly appreciated.



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Like this??


Those are not Royal Star's correct?

They look like Road Star's with V-Twins.

I understand the concept is the same as

far as the trunk goes, I'm just curious.


I'd also like a trunk for my 1997 but I don't think they made

a RSV for my generation of bike. :(

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