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how well do you know your motorcycles

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XT500 turbo






The Yamaha XT500 is a single-cylinder enduro-adventure motorcycle made by Yamaha since the 1975 model year. carnt find any more info on this particular bike seams to have bean made for hill climbing ???:confused24:our possible drag racing its very strange

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thoart this was a shocking looking thing lol


1978 Transitron MKII Prototype


1978 Transitron Mk II prototype





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OK, Close enough. It is a 2009 Bimota Tesi 3D, Rock Gold, Daad Dantone Edition.

As a part of a multi-brand collaboration, Bimota has teamed up with designer Daad Dantone to make this blacked out Testi 3D with gold inserts. The Tesi 3D will match other one-off goods made for Daad’s “Rock Gold” display in Milan.



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It is highly modified but I think it is a 77 Hondamatic cb750A. Here is the picture


Perhaps you are correct, Pegasus, but the stock 1977 CB750A had a four into two exhaust and the passenger foot peg mounts were an aluminum casting.


This looks like a 1976 with the four into one pipe and the passenger foot pegs mounted on the tubular frame extensions.


And that seat is confusing me, too. The passenger grab bar is proper for a later CB750A, but not the touring bucket seat configuration. Perhaps the seat was re-done?

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