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looks like i sold bumble bee


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hello all

it looks like zsiska from this site will be buying the bumble bee i gave him a real deal this bike all the extra parts and the trailer for 3600.00 i will be meeting him next week on sat about half way from here to his house may be somewhere around wilson nc i will still be around and working on the model a to retore it i will miss the bike very much. you can't beat the ride and power of a venture it has been the best bike i have ever had maybe someday i will be able to get another one. but do not see that anytime soon. this is a great site and have met many new freinds i hope zsiska becomes a full time member also

bumble bee

kevin wisor

1999 rsv

1930 model a

1923 model t

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Kevin, that's a nice lookin bike w sidecar. Hopeully you'll get the bug again and ride.



Hummmmm... Could easily see some Pittsburgh Steelers decals on that...


Yeah, with a couple more black stripes, it would really make it look "retro 1938".


When they wore those "38" uniforms last week, we remarked "they look like angry little bumblebees" and now I see this post... LOL :whistling:

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