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Identifing a motorcycle

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just got a old motorcycle off of craiglist pretty ruff shape.


No si covers so ihv no idea wa kind of bike it is.

It is a Kawasaki big 4 cylinder (not V) possibly 99 or 2000

Shaft drive

Disc brakes in front and Drums in back.


I have the vin but not sure if I can tell from the vin.


Anyone have any clues?

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Kawasaki inline 4, shaft drive. Not ringing any bells here.


The VIN should be stamped on the head stock. If it's got 17 digits the motoverse tool posted by Prariehammer should ID it. If it's got less than 17 you have some sleuthing to do.

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To determine the year from a 17 digit VIN, the tenth character denotes the year. System started in 1980, with "A" denoting the year, alpha characters were used through 2000 (Y), skipping the characters I, O, Q, U, Z. In 2001 through 2009, numbers were used, except 0. So 2001 would have 1, 2009, 9. In 2010 the system starts back with alpha characters. Harley also puts model, engine size, and assembly plant in the VIN as well. Kawasaki probably does, but I don't have a cheat sheet on them.


BTW, 1997 is "V"

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Normally on the jug somewhere there is the CC size. Typicaly a 650 would be in the 645-650 range and a 1000 like 980 and up. I think my KZ 650 was like 649.

And WOW a Dunlop D404 that still has air and tread.

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