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Cassett deck elimination.....?

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I think Scotts info here on his website under Ipod hookups might help you out.....and give you a chuckle at the same time. Scott is our own Red Green and enjoys a life of fixing things. (he is a member here as Scotty)






I use-to get to see Red Green down here....they kept the laughs coming.

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The switch part number in the original post is a momentary switch I don't see as being the correct one. I ordered it and now have to exchange it for the correct Mouser Electronics part number 611-7401P3YZQE. I have not completed to project yet but I did order the two Din PLUGS from digikey.com CP-1380-ND and CP-3180-ND.


I could not find the original post again but there was some question on the wiring. I am going with this wiring diagram. I put my trust in anyone that can build a Vmax Venture.

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