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Which VR events have you attended........


Which VR events have you attended  

320 members have voted

  1. 1. Which VR events have you attended

    • Potato Creek
    • The International Rallies
    • Vogel/Tail of the Dragon
    • Eureka Springs Hub Rally
    • Pork in the Pines
    • Maintainence Day @ Freebirds
    • Venture West
    • Krusin the Kootenays
    • Cody Round Up
    • Ashville

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Got to thinking today of all the events that go on...............curious to see how many have attended any or all of them.......Hope I get them all in, I am just talking about the big ones....the ones listed are the only ones I could find reference to and only had room for 10.

You can vote on all that you have been to, and if you know of any others you can write in your vote...................:cool10::cool10:

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The first Eureka Springs was a great time and a lot of people.

Should we forget the Canadian sliding down the highway?





That was a great time Boo.... Enjoyed it very much even the early morning rain wasnt all that bad...

I would like to see the photo he was taking at the time that happened, but I am not certain he even has that camera anymore..probubly lost it during impact...

ANd then remember RED dropping his bike TWICE after we ate at that BBQ place...and his wife had to go to the hospital after the second drop..


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B2Dad's M&E 2011

"Doodles" MD in Waller, TX 2011

Thom's "Anti Snow" Day in Rockport, TX 2010 & 2011

Eck's M&E in Rome GA 2010

Vogel/Tail of the Dragon 2009 and good Lord willing 2011

MD @ Freebirds 2010 & 2011

SeabeeTom's M&E in Biloxi, MS 2009

BigBoyinMS, Cmike & My M&E in Philadelphia, MS 2009

Kbran's MD in Bogalusa, LA 2009 & 2010

St. Jude Run 2011

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Did not check the Pork in the Pines as officially we have not attended but as of next month that is changing! We do plan on making Vogel some time in the future.


The two local biggies are Marcarl's May Madness and Big Tom's WNY Regional Rallye this coming weekend at Pioneer Motorsports (shameless plug...)

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The West Virginia Skid In...................I knew I was missing a good one........I was there for the first one and it was a good one...........!!!!!


Yes we were there for the first one too. I do not get to go to too many events. Too many things going on in our lives I guess.

Yama Mama


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