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Arab Bikers


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Man, that brought back memories! About 1966, I and a few friends went to the nearest "big" town (we lived in Arthur, IL, pop 1800 on a good day), Decatur IL and found that they had a place that rented the new Honda 50cc motorcycles (really just tall scooters). Without ANY previous motorcycle experience, but lots with a bicycle, we took off in downtown saturday traffic.



At one stop light we were all trying to pop wheelies, and I did one just about like in that Arab video, except I wasn't wearing all that loose clothing, had tie on shoes, and managed to run with the bike, keeping it in the air till I remembered I had to twist the grip to get it to slow down! No harm done, and my days of popping wheelies were over!


How we got through that day (and many others) without killing or maiming one of us is a mystery.


Yes, we lived a dull life and took our excitement where we could in Central IL back in the 60's!

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