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Thanks to Ponch and Monty


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My thanks to Ponch and Monty...or Monty and Ponch, either which way.


These two guys took the time to install the gauge package on our bike yesterday at MD in the heat.....and doing so cuts into their time to wander around and do other MD things. Words can't express how much that means to me. The gauges look AWESOME, they work AWESOME, and Beth has said how much she likes them and how GREAT they look.


Thanks again to two of the best.....Monty and Ponch, or Ponch and Monty, you will not be forgotten!


gunk and beth:Laugh:

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Gunkylump - I have to repeat your words verbatim - Monty started my gauges Friday after a long ride to MD. Didn't get them finished friday evening but we got it done Saturday AM just in time to get your bike in the garage.


Thanks Ponch for the design and Thanks Monty for the install. What a difference in appearance and what a GREAT addition to my Venture -


My Thanks to both of you !

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