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Getting the wind off your knees


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After three or four years you may have to replace the velcro or the blocks. Usually what happens is the blocks get compressed and no long apply upward pressure on the knee blockers. Now the problem I had was getting the old Velcro off. I use the industrial stuff and after that long its really stuck. Heating it up with a hair dryer will help removal

For me to send you some Velcro it would run 5 bucks. You can also just stop by HD or Lowes and pick some up if you wanted too have extra.


PM me with new velcro and blocks.



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Thanks Bob, glad you liked them. They will make a big difference on your knees when it gets down below 60 also. Yours were the first pair I sent out. I have another 2 pairs on order and will be getting them out in the next few days.

Anybody wanting them can paypal me at buddyrich@ebmc.com.I'm pretty confident y'all will really like them come colder weather. I'm also getting some lower wind deflectors ready that are twice as wide as the Yamaha ones. They should help break the wind off your shins a lot more in the closed position. I'll post some pics later.



Hey BuddyRich !!

I was wondering if you still offer these deflectors for sale ?? I just sent a private Email as well, hoping to find you by one option or the other. Thanks. -Eric

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