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install ham VHF radio?

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are there any ham radio operators in here (gotta be...).


I am wondering what sort of 2m radios people have installed on a venture and if you cna make them work with the Yamaha headset?




kc5muv here


I've used a 2m/70cm handy on mine. had a dual band antenna in place of the am/fm ant. it worked pretty good but i didnt try it with a head phone.


Others here run them. maybe someone else will chime in.

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Yeah there are several hams on this forum but I dont know anyone using the headset but that would sure be the way to do it. I dont believe it would take much but I cant say I have ever tried to do it.

Good luck,

Jerry W9FE

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There is several hams here locally that operates on two wheels. Most of us just uses a HT. I can set my HT in the cup holder and use a ear mic when traveling together. One member has installed a Icom 706 on his GoldWing. He mounted the faceplate on the dash and uses the hand mic...

73's, N8YOW

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This is something I've thought of doing for years, but I somehow never seem to get my Ham hobby intertwined with riding. I did a temp mount with my HT a few years back, but just was too busy riding to play radio Hi Hi.


I do not personally know anyone that has an install on their Venture, but there is a mobile ARC and their website is http://www.marc-hq.org/. I ran into a Goldwing rider at a Hamfest a few years ago who is a MARC member, and he had an IC-2720 on his Wing. He had the body mounted in the trunk and added a separate PTT button under the left grip. He had used the shield from coax to create a ground plane attached to the underside of the trunk which worked well.




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thanks for the replies - I didn't catch up sooner as I thought I'd be getting subscription emails about replies....


I thought about just using my HT but thought the audio from an ear phone would be too crappy. I see Yaesu has a waterproof mobile vhf/uhf with a detachable face plate. My buddy just bought onee and we'll be installing it on his crotch rocket on Saturday - maybe I'll get some more ideas...


TNX, Andrew

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