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Preacher, another member here, and I had a fantastic ride yesterday on what some people call "The Arkansas Dragon." I didn't count the curves - got dizzy enough without trying that but I can tell you the grin factor was way up the chart.


To get to the good section, find your way to Melbourne on SR69 (North of Batesville, East of Mountain View) then turn West on SR9. The curves from that point on are posted at 20-35mph and there are three beautiful vistas with paved pull-off points. Going in this direction, you end up in Syllamore just North of Mountain View and there just happens to be two GREAT catfish restuarants that also serve Rainbow Trout, steaks etc.


To find the route from the West going East, just take SR5 North from Mountain View until you find SR9 East at the four way stop at Syllamore.


Ride Safely




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I was down there this past June

It was a blast

We camped at Syllamore Campground ( motorcycle friendly )

There was 132 of us from 26 different states.


The roads are just great riding beautiful scenery.

Mountain View was cool if you like music every night downtown

I was downtown listening to music each night

I even learned how to play a mountain Dulcimer at the Dulcimer Shoppe


I cant wait to go back next Just need to remember the guitar this time.


See pictures in my profile..





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I made this trip 6 times this past October while down there for the Bean Festival and Outhouse Races in Mountain View. after completing it the first time we walked into one of the shops and the local guy told us that there were 231 turns from Melbourne to Mountain View.


didn't much like them at night, but during the day they were a blast. one of the shops in MV sells a shirt related to that stretch, but I didn't realize it until it was too late. guess I will have to go back and do it again.

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