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  1. I was looking to get a new windshield for my 93 Venture and found them for $70 at Cycle RE Cycle in Indianapolis, IN. Has anybody purchased one from them or know anything about them? Thanks
  2. As I scan the "watering hole", I keep seeing threads for things such as large and improved polished fork "wind" deflectors and keeping the "wind" off your knees deflectors and windshield squabbles on height to stop the "wind" and more! I just wonder, Whatever happened to the idea that on a motorcycle the whole experience is "to be in the wind" to smell the fresh air when you pass a pond or lake, to smell the fresh tilled fields and burning autumn leaves. Fresh cut hay and fields of clover are ever so pleasant. There's something to be said for the breeze on your skin,,,in your face.... It seems a shame to hide behind full face helmets a windshield, knee guards and fork deflectors all trussed up in designer "wind and water repellent" riding suits!,,,crap,,,if I wanted to be so isolated from the "wind" I guess I'd just as well cage it, but then,,,,I'd miss that unmistakable "sound" ! OH YEA I LOVE "THAT SOUND",,,,,,,,and,,,,,,,,,,"THE WIND" ,,,,, (It sings if you listen)! Renne:backinmyday:
  3. I am the proud and humbled owner of a brand new F4Customs windshield. This is the largest shield available for the Venture that F4 makes at this time and it does have the integrated vent. Model # F4-YRSV-19_5-W-VENT-C 19.5" Clear Wide After talking with Don, he suggested that I start a thread here so I can add too it as I need to while giving a review of the shield. Once the review is done, we will make it a report and move it to the library. My intentions are to bring both the good and the bad. In doing this, I am basically going to review this in the form of a Diary listing just about every ride, the things noticed about the shield, cleaning, wear, gas mileage changes and any thing else that may pop up related to the windshield. Should you have any questions post them and I will answer to the best of my ability. So, to get started: I received the windshield nicely packed in a box and protected what I consider well enough to protect it under most shipping circumstances. Mine did come in with the box a little crushed. I was a little concerned until I was able to unpack it. [ATTACH]64430[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64431[/ATTACH] As you can see the box was a little crushed [ATTACH]64432[/ATTACH] Shield out of box and out of packing material [ATTACH]64433[/ATTACH] Unwrapped face down - [ATTACH]64434[/ATTACH] unwrapped face up Notice that the shield also had a protective coating of plastic stuck to it. Below are a few measurements. [ATTACH]64435[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64436[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64437[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64438[/ATTACH] Now for a few comparison pics. I have my OEM in front of the F4. The black is on my original OEM, NOT the F4 and the F4 still has the sticky protective plastic on it. [ATTACH]64440[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64439[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64441[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64442[/ATTACH] This should be enough to hold you for a few moments at least... I did take my first ride with it this past Tuesday. I will post some more shortly.
  4. Hi All, I have an 06 RSDT. Do any of you RSDT owners somehow lock the windshield and backrest? I am a bit concerned about them walking away. Dave
  5. I know that somewhere in this site is a thread about how to properly clean a windshield and what to use but I can't find it. I have read about the use of Pledge cleaner and a 210 cleaner are these good products and are there others? Has anyone used Rain X to let the rain run off. I worry about getting a rainbow effect when the Sun hits it. What does everyone carry with them in there bags for cleaning?
  6. Has anyone made an adjustable windshield similar to the Baggershield? Would it be difficult. It looks to me as if an old shield could be cut, drilled and sanded and then affixed to an existing shield with wing nuts and bushings. But then again, it might not be worth the trouble. Iowa Guy
  7. Since I bought my 2007 RSTD Midnight last year I have wanted to install a Tri-pouch Windshield Bag. I searched the forums here and elsewhere trying to locate one that would work, never finding what I wanted. Recently I took a chance and purchased a Carolina Leather Windshield Bag Number 721 http://www.carolinaleatherworks.com/winbag721.html This weekend I finally got a chance to install it and I am very happy with the results. I simply took off the windshield, Removed the three center bolts, inserted the bag, aligned it, marked the location of the holes, and drilled the plastic backer attached to the bag. I then installed the backer between the shield and the metal bar on the rear of the shield and reinserted and tightened the bolts. The only problem I had was getting the bolts reattached with the extra thickness of the plastic in there. After numerous tries I was able to get all the bolts reattached and everything reinstalled. I did loose the right side cables from their guide on the frontend of the bike to enable the bags to slide on and had to slightly adjust the cables to get the shield back on. So if you’re like me and searching for a windshield bag for a RSTD this might be the answer for you. Scott
  8. Has anybody used this windshield as a replacement and is it a decent quality for the price? http://www.ebay.com/itm/83-93-Yamaha-XVZ-1200-1300-Venture-Royale-WINDSHIELD?item=140815088391&cmd=ViewItem&_trksid=p5197.m7&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26otn%3D2%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D1624150924259620255
  9. 10/16/11 met Jim from Charlston 04 rsmv invited him to join 10/16/11 black red in Gatlinburg riding 2up 10/17/11 I think gold n black PGR banner on windshield on the dragon and again on either the Foothills Parkway or Cades Cove route.
  10. We all know how fragile the end of the windshield tabs are so I decided to beef up mine before there was any damage done. What I did was used a small flat head screw and counter sunk drilled the hole already near the ends of the metal bar. That allowed the screw to sit below the rubber strip that the windshield is sandwiched between it and the outer fairing. Next I spot welded a small piece of 16 guage steel and an 1/8" welding rod together. Cut the rod to the right length and welded another tab to the other end. I mounted the lower tab to the bottom speaker mount. You'll need to bend the rod for the proper angles but that's easily enough done. The ends of the windshiled mounts are rock solid now. Another additional support I did was to add some brass flat stock to the mounting screws for the outside fairing. I cut the two outer pieces 1 1/2" long and the two inner ones 2" long , then drilled a 13/16" hole for the screws 1/4" from the top on center. The two inner pieces will need a slight bend to conform to the curve. Adding these pieces will spread the load over a larger area thus saving broken tabs under the washers. I've found that adding the brass pads will also help prevent the windshield from loosening as you can tighten the screws a bit more rather than squishing the plastic tabs at the screw heads.
  11. My ball milled twinkies came in the mail today. Genyouwhine Yammy part. Last set the dealer had! They look sweet. Those will be on this weekend. My new 11" dark smoke windshield should be here by mid next week. Looking for a set of windshield ags.I just want to get a few more things and I will be set.
  12. My auto windshield wiper fluid squirter seems to be restricted some. Would poring some Sea Foam into the windshield wiper fluid reservoir be a good thing or is there a better solution?
  13. I ordered a new " ClearView" windshield for the new 08 RSTD. Supposed to be here Friday this week. 2 inch wider, each side, and more lower, wind protection. Will take photos of the conversion, and post, if anybody is interested in that modification for an RSTD. Been waiting about 2 weeks for delivery, no problem, its been raining in Seattle again. Also have Heated grips on the way, so will be busy with modifications next week !!
  14. This is how me and the family go for a ride! I have a spare set of lids I want to make a small windshield (more for looks than function) . We have 2 dogs....put one on each side.
  15. Is this worth it? I cannot find enough on the value expect KBB and they say 5k.. 2002 Midnight Venture For sale. Fully Loaded with 33,000 miles. asking $7,500 Kuryakyn Grips, am/fm stereo, CB Radio, Electronic cruise control, Drivers back rest, Show Chrome Windshield, Hooker Tuneable Exhaust System, Garage Kept, Custom pinstripping, Passing lamps, Luggage Rack, Chrome Forks, Service work done at Yamaha Dealership. (Original exhaust and windshield will go with bike. One headset also included.)
  16. I had a spare windshield laying around and being so hot outside the other day i decided to shorten it. First off I clamped it to my other windshield 5 inches lower with vice grips and masking tape underneath to prevent scratching.Than I contemplated on how to cut the windshield down without making a mess of it and decided on trying the router. I used a router bit with a bearing on it and set the depth just enough to cut through the one shield and not touch the other. It worked quite well. Surpriseingly it cut the plastic like butter and left a fairly smooth finish. It required just a lite sanding with 220 sandpaper to give the edge a smooth eye appealing finish. After mounting it I realized that the windshield is not quite as wide so there is a small space on either side. This doesnt bother me though. After I was complete I had to try it out. The extra wind is nice, I dont hear the clutch basket whine as much, the bugs now it my face, and there is some wind buffetting around my ears. All in all I am happy with the results. I will be putting my tall one back on in the fall.
  17. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Yamaha-Royal-Star-2001-Royal-Star-Venture-Trike-/221080480024?pt=US_motorcycles&hash=item33796c6918#v4-41 Look at the sticker on the windshield.........free advertisement
  18. Was wondering has anyone attempted to make a windshiled out of the same thickness lexan? I have thought about like a Cee Baileys shorter windshield, but I have a sheet of lexan (I think the same thickness as current windscreen) and was wondering if anyone has made thier own. I saw a couple posts somewhere about cutting down the current OEM windscreen.
  19. It looks like my rubber mounts on my handle bars supporting my fairing is toast. The whole fairing and windshield has started moving too much on rough roads. I think this may have been causing my windshield problems. As i am on the road i need a road fix for these things. Yesterday i cut some tie wraps and pushed them between the handle bars to use as spacers. This seems to help but here is my question. Is this a good thing to do or am i creating more damage? I am going to try to find a better spacer that i can slip around the whole handle bar. What do others do for this? Thanks, Tom
  20. Does anyone have a part number or ordering information for a Triple Pocket Windshield Bag that would fit a 1999 Royal Star Venture? Any and all help shall be appreciated. Gilligan
  21. Just installed the Clear View windwhield. This one is 2" shorter than the original and does have the recurve at the top. This allows me to see over the windshield instead of through it which I like. The lowers are wider and have a curve to them as well. I had made some flat lowers from black lexan to more closely match the lower fairing and the grill cover. I tossed those and went with the clear view version. Here are some pics. Oh, I splurged for the vent, but don't have an opinion on that yet. Looks like a difficult item to clean once it is full of bugs.
  22. Hi, I'm on the, Ong way to the international and now have a problem ihave to deal with in regards to my front fairing windshield holes cracking. A few were cracked when I left but they seemed ok. I received a clearview windshield just before I left. I needed to retighen a few bolts 2 days ago and iused blue lock tight but the windshield started making noise again today. Whdni check ked I found other middle left inside hole badly spidered. I am on the road in Towanda Pennsylvania so I don't have a workshop to deal with this. As of now my plan is to find some aluminum screen material and a solderinggun,during iron and see if I can melt some sport into. Where the plastic is badly spidered. Does anyone have any better (workable) ideas?
  23. Hi, I'm on the, Ong way to the international and now have a problem ihave to deal with in regards to my front fairing windshield holes cracking. A few were cracked when I left but they seemed ok. I received a clearview windshield just before I left. I needed to retighen a few bolts 2 days ago and iused blue lock tight but the windshield started making noise again today. Whdni check ked I found other middle left inside hole badly spidered. I am on the road in Towanda Pennsylvania so I don't have a workshop to deal with this. As of now my plan is to find some aluminum screen material and a solderinggun,during iron and see if I can melt some sport into. Where the plastic is badly spidered. Does anyone have any better (workable) ideas?
  24. Has anyone out there put on the aftermarket 4" shorter by 2.5" wider windshield? How does it compare to the OEM?
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