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Thread: Yamaha Trunk Spoiler Installation

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    Default Yamaha Trunk Spoiler Installation


    Trunk Lid Spoiler w/ Light


    Royal Star Venture (XVZ1300TF)
    Please read and understand these instructions completely before installation to avoid injury to your self or damage to the motorcycle or accessory,
    Dealer: These instructions contain important information for future reference and must be given to the customer.
    1.Parts List:

    Part Name

    Part Number



    Spoiler W/ Light

    Molded ABS
    Wire Guide

    24” rubber “D” extrusion

    Phillips head self tapping screws
    Flat Washer

    Rubber Washer

    Drill Guide

    Plastic Strip
    Drill Template

    Fig 1
    Fig 2
    Fig 3
    Fig 4
    Fig 5
    Fig 6

    2. Preparation:
    a) Clean trunk lid thoroughly
    3. Installation:
    a) Place spoiler upside down on workbench use a towel or soft cloth to protect paint.
    b) Center hole in drill guide with mounting stand off and attach to spoiler with a small piece of tape (fig. 1). Repeat for the remaining 2 mounting stand offs. Locate 4th drill guide under end of light with hole centered on spoiler (fig. 2). This will be used for wire routing.
    c) Mark the centerline of the lid with of masking tape using latch button as center (fig. 3).
    d) Center spoiler on trunk lid with back edge just above “Yamaha” logo approximately 2-1/4” from the bottom edge of the trunk lid (fig.4). Using a tape measure level the spoiler on trunk lid by measuring fro the bottom edge of the spoiler to the trunk lid edge at each end of the LED light. These measurements should be equal (fig.5).
    e) Using masking tape, tape the 4 drill guides to the trunk lid (fig 6). Double check location.
    f) Gently remove spoiler from trunk lid leaving drill guides in place on lid.
    g) Using 1/16” drill bit and drill guides carefully drill 4 pilot holes through the drill guides into the trunk lid. Remove drill guides and enlarge holes using 1/4” drill bit. Carefully debur holes.
    h) Feed the three light wires through the wire routing hole and attach spoiler to lid using self-tapping screws (#3), flat washer (#4) and rubber washer (#5). Tighten securely being careful not to overtighten. NOTE: DO NOT USE LOCKTITE ON MOUNTING HARDWARE.
    i) referrelative="t" path="m@4@5l@4@11@9@11@9@5xe" filled="f" stroked="f">Remove passenger backrest, rider and passenger seats and set aside. Cut out drill template (#7) and tape it to the inside of the trunk lid as shown. Carefully drill pilot hole using 1/16” drill bit. Remove template and enlarge hole using 1/4” drill bit. Carefully debur hole.
    Fig #7

    j) using a piece of stiff wire (like welding rod) pull light wires through wire guide (#2). Clean inside of trunk lid using isopropyl alcohol. Remove backing from wire guide and adhere guide to inside of trunk lid along path to wire exit hole drilled in step J. k) Route wires through exit hole. Loosen face panel on front panel and carefully route wires behind panel. Tighten panel and replace passenger backrest.
    l) Dress wires along fender under seat to taillight/Turnsignal connector near battery box. Strip 3/8” from wire ends.
    m) Unplug the Taillight/Turnsignal Connector. The TRUNK SPOILER LIGHT WIRES will inserted into the “female” Taillight/Turnsignal
    Connector (fig 8) following the “wire color code below.




    a) Reconnect Taillight/Turnsignal Connector being careful not to dislodge or “short” the wires to one another. Check operation of lights.
    b) Install seat.
    4. Maintenance: Periodically check all fasteners for tightness and re-torque as required.
    5. Care and Cleaning: See your Owners Manual
    6. Customer Service: For further information see your Yamaha dealer.

    July 2003 PAK-4XY63-00-XX

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    Default Re: Yamaha Trunk Spoiler Installation

    instruction sheet that comes with the wing light from Yamaha is incorrect. Instructions say Red from wing to Yellow on bike, Orange from wing to Blue on bike, Black to Black. Correct instructions should be Red from wing to Blue on bike, Orange from wing to Yellow on bike, Black to Black.

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