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Thread: Arizona US 93 Hoover Dam to Kingman

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    Default Arizona US 93 Hoover Dam to Kingman

    Not a favorite, just a road report.

    Ride: July 2009, Friday, PM
    Gas Available: Accross from the casino soon after picking up US 93 south.
    Direction: South
    Avg Speed: 75
    Flora: Low desert
    Fauna Encounters: Bat(?) and knee meet. Knee 1, bat 0.
    Subjective Temp: Balmy. [I live in Phoenix, AZ]
    Road Condition: Very nice. Once out of the mountains, arrow straight. Well marked.
    Got to the dam around 9'ish. Went right on through. No backups, but steady traffic in both directions. After the dam, first 15 miles are under construction with no passing and a 55 limit. No dirt.
    Smokeys Seen: 0
    Cars Passing Same Direction: 2
    Cars Passed Same Direction: maybe a couple, but I think 0
    Cars Passed Opposite Direction: trickle

    I lucked out on this road after crossing the dam. Once on my way, I was second in line behind a truck that was doing 35 mph going up the hills. After about 10 miles in the construction zone, I had to pass him. So the cars behind him were held in check and I had the road to pretty much to myself. Thankfully, none of the headlights behind me was a smokey. Would have been very costly had one been behind me that wanted to pursue.

    BTW, My brother-in-law did the dam in the early afternoon in a truck with a one hour wait.
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