Oh! Itís light. After 10 years on my Kawi Nomad 1500 that was my first thought. Weight must be a lot lower down. If you think itís heavy, try a Nomad. GF wants more wind protection so i bought this low milage Venture. Itís great. Impressed with no buffeting. Even rained some and my 5í 8Ē could slightly see over the cut down shield. Slow speed turning is easier and it handles like sport bike. Yes the tranny whine goes away with speed. Or the harley pipes, but Iíll quieten that down.what the hell were the engineers thinking? Maybe the test riders just drove fast😁 Easy to do. Iíll google that ibasket mod or is there an easier fix? I got on, drove 300 miles home, mostly chasing rabbits. It goes good. Gearing is fine. Overall i like this bike. So does she! WIN!