Hi all, I've got an 86 Venture I bought a few years ago, the wife and I put 36k on it the first year we had it. I joined this group back then but have been playing with a few GS1150's and most recently a couple mid 90's 750 gixxer's.
I finally pulled the trigger and bought myself a used 85 vmax engine with 2 v-boost intakes, and an extra set of head and the plan is to install the vmax heads on the venture engine currently sitting under 1 of the 1150's in a corner of the garage.
For now, the plan is to just do the head swap and not bother with the v-boost, from what I've read it's a real pain in the butt and to be honest, more work that I want.
I poked around a bit after talking with Freebird awhile ago, but can't seem to find any previous write-ups from anyone who has done this.
If anyone has a parts list, tips/tricks I'd appreciate it.