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My 98 Tour Classic had a noise like that that turned out to be the water pump, I had an issue where the oil was getting in the coolant, turned out it was bad seal on the driven shaft on the water pump. Once the water pump was rebuilt the noise went away. Take your stethoscope and check on the lower right side at the water pump cover and see if you can hear it there.
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I had an 06 RSV several years ago that developed a sound like that only not as loud. I even posted about here way back then. I checked all over the engine with a stethoscope many many times and did notice the noise was present at the water pump like M61A1MECH mentioned, but the again, the noise was present at the clutch. There was no oil in the coolant or coolant in the oil though. I rode it countless miles like that. Ran great. Finally sold it after getting a super great deal on a low mileage 08 RSV. Never did find out what the problem was.

You got me curious now. Can't wait to see what you find out.
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Hi Doug how are you doing? Hope the carb synch tool is working for you.
That is a strange noise. Could be water pump bearing, not sure. Don't think I have ever heard that noise on any of my Ventures. Good luck finding it.
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My first impression is external to the motor. My buddy and I were on our first IRON butt and he heard a sound like that and it was not rpm connected. He has a Harley. Turns out it was the rear exhaust manifold rubbing against the cylinder.the bolt(s) holding exhaust pipe had rattled loose and dropped off somewhere on the freeway. Unfortunately the exhaust heat burned up some wiring which ended up costing him $1000ís to fix. With a thick glove hold on to parts connected to the engine and see if the sound disappears.
Good luck

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Took it out for a long ride this morning. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, there was no knock noticeable during the ride or when I got back home and into the garage. I did once again use the stethoscope, focusing on the water pump area but nothing significant noted. I'm at a bit of a loss but it's possible that it's something loose underneath (exhaust or otherwise) as Neil mentioned. I'll continue to diagnose the knock (when and if it returns) and post a reply.

Thanks to all who offered up suggestions......Doug