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You'll be happy with the buy. I had an '06 and it purred, always. I sold it last year for 3K when I got the 2018 SVTC. It had 105K miles on it. The only think it needed was a clutch lever adjustment.
From what I have seen, if the RSV is reasonably maintained, they wont bring any less than $3k with my purchase seaming to be status quo given its condition. Would have been nice not to need a front tire, but the first date is always gimy as hell with every used bike ive ever had. With the exception of my Road Star. I am still feeling around for either of the 2 and will jump at the chance if I come across em and can get a fair trade after I spruce up this RSV. she will be cleaned up all imperfections squared away and made as safe as she is beautiful!!
Ride ON!!